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At Smile Science, we are passionate about healthy, beautiful smiles. There is a science to a beautiful smile that we personalize just for you. Our Specialty Center delivers a well rounded, comprehensive approach to offer a variety of treatment options to suit our patients’ goals and budgets. We also provide recommendations and management options for all dental procedures.

Dr. Fagen is a periodontist - a specialist in gum health and surgical management of gingival deficiencies. This makes her extremely well qualified for implant placement.

Dr. Wilson is a prosthodontist - a specialist in oral function of the teeth, jaw joints and prosthetic reconstruction of dental deficiencies. This includes crowns, veneers, dentures and dental implants.

At Smile Science, we believe management of TMJ disorders is a natural by-product of evaluation of function and proper oral rehabilitation. Together, with our well-trained team, we want to help our patients restore and maintain their smiles and avoid any possible negative dental experiences. Your health and well being is our utmost concern. We believe your best health starts with a healthy smile.

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Dr. Janice E. Wilson, Fredericton Prosthodontist, is a professional dedicated to excellence in everything from preventative care, to restoration, and implant dentistry. We provide a variety of cosmetic and esthetic treatments such as dental implants, porcelain veneers, dentures, teeth whitening, and more

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