Dr. Fagen is a Periodontist - a specialist in gum health and surgical management of gingival deficiencies. This makes her extremely well qualified for implant placement.

Dr. Wilson is a Prosthodontist - a specialist in oral function of the teeth, jaw joints and prosthetic reconstruction of dental deficiencies. This includes crowns, veneers, dentures and dental implants.

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Dr. Sara Fagen, Periodontist




Introducing Dr. Sara Fagen, who is seeing patients for periodontal evaluations and surgical treatment in Fredericton.     

Dr. Fagen was born and raised in Montreal, Quebec. She completed her dental training at McGill University, receiving her DMD degree in 2014. After graduation, Sara pursued her interest in periodontology and implantology at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Sara completed her residency training and obtained her Masters of Oral Science and Certificate of Periodontology in 2017. Dr Fagen is a board-certified Periodontist and her training focuses on: diagnosis and treatment of periodontal and peri-implant disease, soft tissue grafting for gingival recession, crown-lengthening, bone grafting and dental implant surgery.

Dr. Fagen worked in private practice in Regina, Saskatchewan for two years, before moving closer to home in eastern Canada. Dr. Fagen and her husband, who grew up in Woodstock, NB, now live in Fredericton. Dr. Fagen practices in Fredericton’s first multi-speciality office with Prosthodontist Dr. Janice Wilson. As a board-certified Periodontist, Dr. Fagen will treat your patients with the highest standard of care and return them to your care following treatment. She is looking forward to working with you and would be happy to set up a personal introduction with your office! 

In her free time, Dr. Sara Fagen enjoys exploring New Brunswick’s hiking trails, waterfalls, and the local breweries.

Dr. Sara Fagen is currently accepting referrals for periodontal procedures and/or implant surgery.

Email: GumDoc2019@gmail.com

Phone: (506) 452-7695, Fax: (506) 458-9121